Blogcraft: The Think Tank Minecraft Blog

By Matthew Trumpa

Welcome to the first Think Tank Minecraft blog. Here we talk about what's new on Think Tank's Minecraft server. The server is relatively new, and only a few guys had been on it prior to the Beta launch. First, I'm the Blog Writer, Matt Trumpa. I'm an intern, who needs something to do with his time. Ken "GeekCraft" Rockson is the owner of the store and the Minecraft server, who has given me this job to do. Ryan "Boxxertrumps" Trumpa is the Service Manager and my brother.

So we're just getting going, but what little we have is pretty decent. The biggest project right now on the server is Ken's under-water city. It's a fairly decent sized city, and it has a couple sights. One sight would be the Obsidian Machine: Lava + Water falls... Plus the drop... Actually, it was a failed project, but it’s still cool:



As for the rest of the world, there are quite a few wonders there, too. There is the Bay of Pigs. The early bird gets the worm… Or the pork in this case. In the distance, you can see the TNT house:





Ignoring the bad joke, there is also the big floating island recently discovered by the Blog writer, me. It's pretty nice scenery all around:

There are also the tall spire houses, the Three Little Pig houses. The one made of sticks got blown down, though... :( (Curse you, wolf, you bastard!!!). So far we have learned that sticks and dynamite are bad building materials.

Least but not last of- Wait... LAST but not LEAST of all is the Flying Saucer, in which looks awesome at night. (Can't get in it, though... sad face…) [editor: So build an interior.]

Those are the Six Wonders of the Minecraft World. Some other less-than-spectacular things are the Docks I had also built. It isn't much, but I will expand them. Then there is our large network of mines under the island. It was appropriately named the Mines of Minecraftia. :D ... Ok, another bad joke, but give me credit... Least I'm trying, here >: l

Well, that's it for the first blog of our Minecraft server. Remember, our IP address is Thanks for visiting, have fun, and keep on cartin'. You know... as opposed to truckin'... ‘Cause... its Minecraft, and... Yeaaahh..... See ya...


Happy Halloween to all, and to all a good fright! I suppose... Anyways, here we have a really cool Pumpkin designed by GeekCraft Ken himself. I, for one, think it's a really cool addition to our island: