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By GeekCraft

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Due to the recent patches, the server may be a tad unstable until the fixes are released. But that just adds to the excitement! Vanilla version of Minecraft running and stable. Adding plugins as they become available.

Some problems with the Minecraft server. Patch has changed the way rails work. Boosters don't work -- that's probably permanent. Glowstone and track react funny as it's no longer permitted to build on glowstone. And after I finished that huge glowstone railroad, too. The command to fix the permissions seems non-functional. WorldGuard will probably allow us to fix it when that's up and running.

All track set up with powered rails instead of boosters now. Railroad runs fine with the exception of livestock on the tracks.

Try typing "/warp thinktank" in chat to be transported somewhere interesting inside the underwater city (see photo).

Typing "/home" in chat will take you to your home. If you don't have a home, you'll be taken to the spawn point. "/sethome" will set your home location.

Erm . . . T is the default chat button for the newbies out there.

Minecraft Beta is coming on Monday so get your accounts while they are cheap at The curious can play single user for free by setting up a free account there as well.