Blogcraft: The Think Tank Minecraft Blog #3

By Matthew Trumpa

Peaceful: or

Hello, and welcome to another Think Tank Minecraft blog! There's been a few cool updates since the last blog. Update 1.7 is out, and with it a new blog being released by our trusted Think Tank staff.

We have some new projects happening. One is my new Admansion. (And Adminium Mansion :D) We've had one mansion built by our resident wdragon17,
but that didn't last long because it was griefed by a couple of idiotic children. This inspired me to create a new mansion; one made entirely out of Adminium, almost completely un-griefable, and one only Moderator+ can get into.


There is also GeekCraft's Alien Invasion 3-D model. It's very cool, and very original on our server. It took a bit of time and a few different designs, but it came out great. Fans of the classic Space Invaders video game may find it oddly familiar in a non-copyright-infringing way. Don't call it a lawsuit, call it an homage.

Unfortunately, the area was lost in a freak admin command + emergency data backup restore operation.

Then there is a server-wide eight-kilometer-long railroad, which had given a tour of most of the server. That is, until it was recently destroyed. It used to go around, and around, and around, and around... And around... And...wait. It's been rebuilt!

I've also made a CTF arena, but still await some kind of software to use it.

A diamond Lighthouse to complete the docks by my mansion.

Then there are our Easter Island Heads on Mascot Island. Mascot Island is a sort of showroom for features we drop around the map for cut and paste WorldEdit fans.

And finally on Server 2, type /warp FCD for a great view. You'll just have to see for yourself. :)

That's it for the Blog. Remember, our Server ip's are and 25566. Have a nice day!