Think Tank Product Demonstrations

Below are some videos of our products in action!

Canless Air is the green alternative to canned air.

No harmful chemicals.

No fire or explosion risk.

No waste.


Think Tank Computers Presents Canless Air!




Think Tank Computers Presents Otterbox Protection

This video shows an Otterbox-protected iPhone being thrown from a 23rd storey balcony. See the iPhone's view of the trip down. Thanks to Otterbox, it survived!

This Musical Interlude
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SanDisk Solid State Drives

Solid State Drives or SSD's are finally becoming affordable. They are very rugged as they have no moving parts. Gone are the days of dying a little inside as you watch your laptop head for the floor.

SSD's are fast, too! They offer hard drive access and reliability at memory speeds! SSD's come with standard SATA interfaces and behave exactly as hard drives.

Now that 30 Gigabyte drives have fallen below the $100 mark, the obvious application is to make a solid state drive your boot drive with a larger drive as your secondary drive for programs and data. Use the extra storage to back up files.

Meet Tocky!

Just can't get out of bed in the morning? Try Tocky! He rolls off your nightstand, bleeping like R2D2 on acid, and hides from you. Now you have to get out of bed, and chase him down to get him to shut up. Oh, now you're awake! Go make some coffee...

USB Connection: Add Your Own MP3's!

Quick Record Custom Messages!

Think Tank: Welcome to Geek Heaven.

Meet Clocky!

Clocky is a unique alarm clock that lets you hit snooze once then jumps off your night stand and rolls around the room beeping and bumping into things. You have to get out of bed to catch and deactivate it.

Think Tank: Welcome to Geek Heaven.